Section 3: Keywords and Keyphrases

What are Keywords and Keyphrases?

Keywords are the main words which reflect your business, your services and your location.

Keyphrases are sentences made using approx. 3 to 5 keywords.

These keyphrases are what you what expect someone to type into a search engine.

For example:

A client Is opening a bakery in Sandmere town in the county of Rayne, their keywords include: Bakery, Sandmere, Rayne, Artisan, Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Cookies and Luxury.

If I were to make keyphrases from this list, they would include: Artisan Bakery Sandmere, Artisan Wedding Cakes Rayne and Luxury Cookies Sandmere.

The aim is to use these keyphrases in all the right places within the website, the placement of these phrases will mean that Google knows what is on the page, so when someone types one of these phrases in to the search engine, your website is noticed and in turn, displayed in the results.

It is important to remember that your website is unlikely to be the only one using these keyphrases. You will still be up against your competitors however you will find that some keyphrases rank you in the search engines better than others so it is important to have a good range.

Getting started with keywords and keyphrases

Write a list – that’s it really. Carry a notepad around with you (or use the notes app on your phone), add whatever words come to you as you go about your day. 

Going back to the bakery example, I would grow my list to include: luxury, homemade, local, artisan, handmade, specialist, specialty, locally sourced, cakes, cake, cookies, biscuits, weddings, wedding cake, wedding supplier, birthday cake, occasion cake, anniversary, party, engagement, catering….. and many, many more

Once your list is a healthy length (never finished), you can start to build keyphrases in a second list using your keywords. It is ok to add words such as ‘and’ or ‘in’ as these will be discounted usually by the search engines but will allow the phrases to be more readable for your users. 

Reuse the words and mix it up a little, so ‘Artisan Bakery Sandmere’ could also be ‘Bakery Sandmere’, Bakery in Rayne’ and also ‘Artisan Bakery Rayne’.

Once you have this extensive list of keyphrases, use a highlighter or other system to mark your top 5, followed by your next top 10 for the website, thinking mostly of the homepage at this point.  So I might make my top 3: ‘Artisan Bakery, Sandmere’, ‘Luxury Handmade Cookies’, ‘Wedding and Occasion Cakes in Rayne’.

In the following sections, I will talk a lot about how and where to use your keyphrases effectively.

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