Crissi BurnellClient Liaison & Web Consultant

Crissi Burnell. Client Liaison, Director & Web Consultant
areas of expertise
  • Web Designer
  • IT Consultant
  • Account Manager
  • Client Liaison

Crissi is responsible for the day to day running of our clients accounts, liaising with both management and staff at our supported companies.

Crissi began her working life in entertainment management which like many roles, required a knowledge of brand management and marketing. As the web became a part of every household and business, Crissi took additional courses to further her knowledge and expertise. Through these courses and experience gained, Crissi found a love of Web Design & Online Marketing. For many years she ran her own design agency and in her spare time, used her expertise to plan, organise and market charity events in the local area.

Following a few years of working in her own company, Crissi decided to join Oliver as a director of Assist Business IT Ltd.

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